Wedding Photography Locations in Sydney

10 Best Wedding Photography Locations in Sydney

When working as wedding photographers and wedding planners, we always get asked what is the best location for a wedding photography in Sydney.

Sydney is a beautiful city with many wedding locations which can take your breath away

Here we have listed 10 of the most popular wedding photography locations in Sydney. Please note, you require a Council permit if you like to have your wedding ceremony at all of these locations.So before booking anything else, contact the council and secure your spot for your special day.

Even though it is hard to choose 10 out of all these wedding locations in Sydney, here are our favourites :

1. Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney – The RBG have many lawns where you can have your wedding ceremony. One of the most beautiful lawns we have organised wedding photography and wedding hire at include the Bennelong Lawn, Harbour view Lawn, Mare and Foal Lawn which have a stunning view of the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House. This is a great opportunity for your wedding photographer to create a spectacular wedding photography in Sydney with the background of the 2 most popular symbols for this city.

2. Auburn Botanic Gardens – The Auburn Botanic Gardens are a botanical garden located in Auburn. They are a great spot for your garden wedding ceremony and they feature the Japanese Garden, The Rose Garden and the Scented Garden. The gardens are surrounded by blossom trees, beautiful flowers and a small lake which gives that romantic touch to your wedding photography.

3. Wendy Whiteley`s Secret Garden – Lavender Bay – Located in Lavender Bay is the beautiful Wendy Garden. The Garden is perfect for a romantic garden wedding because it is secluded spot surrounded by big fig trees where native birds have found their home. If you like romantic and intimate wedding photography with views of Sydney Harbour, then The Wendy Garden is the perfect location for your wedding.

4. Freshwater View Reserve – If you are looking for a wedding ceremony location with stunning ocean views, then this will be the perfect match for you. The Freshwater reserve is basically a very intimate park which is located on the top of the hill, from where you can capture breathtaking ocean wedding photography or if you walk down the stairs to the Freshwater Beach, you can have some of your wedding photography done there.

5. Bradley`s Head Amphitheatre – If you are looking for an exclusive location for wedding photography which boasts stunning views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, then Bradley`s Head is the answer. It has been created as an amphitheatre and your guests can be seated on the actual amphitheatre stone structures. The stairs are impressive and the bride father (or any other bride relative) can walk the bride down the (aisle) stairs and that looks fantastic especially when you have included the flower girls and page boys as part of your ceremony.

6. Nurragingy Reserve – has 3 gardens for weddings – Bungaribee Pavillion, Jannawi Garden and Jym Lynch Memorial Garden. They are beautiful gardens perfect for a wedding photography by the water, on the bridge… The Bungaribee Pavillion overlooks the lakes, the Chinese Gardens and a waterfall creating stunning wedding photography. The Nurragingy Wharf is right next to the Colebee Centre where you can have your reception. Finally Jannawi Garden is a very intimate garden surrounded by trees and beautiful lake views.

7. Lucinda Park Palm Beach – If you are after beach wedding ceremony with spectacular water views, then Lucinda Park is the perfect spot for your wedding ceremony. It is a great place where we can set up our beach wedding arch with few chairs and some wedding decorations and no other backdrop is needed for our wedding photography. The blue ocean water combined with the sunshine will add a magical touch to the wedding photography which will last forever.

8. Balmoral Rotunda Wedding Ceremony – If you are looking to organise a beach wedding ceremony, then the Balmoral beach might be the answer. You can have your wedding ceremony set up done on the beach and with our beach wedding hire the wedding photography will look stunning. As a wet weather option, you can use the Balmoral Rotunda.

9. Palm Beach – This beach is a great spot for a romantic wedding ceremony even though sometimes can be very windy here. However, the wind can cause waives which create a fairytale beach wedding backdrop for our wedding photography. Combined with our beach wedding canopy, hessian aisle runner and some chairs, the Palm Beach can be a perfect location for your beach wedding ceremony.

10.Wanda Beach Cronulla – is a perfect place for an intimate beach wedding ceremony. It is a great place to have your beach wedding ceremony as it is not crowded and there are restaurants nearby where you can have your wedding reception. Another great spot for a beach/garden wedding ceremony is the Darook Park with a pretty ocean and bush backdrop which is perfect for memorable wedding photography.



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