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We all have certain milestones to achieve in our lives and once we achieve those milestones, sharing them with our family and closest friends becomes equally important. Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, corporate events, bar mitzvahs or welcoming a new addition to the family… these moments call for a celebration – a big one!

Bounce and Party provides high quality wedding photography in Sydney and we are a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. We take pride in being the perfect fit for couples who want a spectacular wedding but don’t have enough time or the ideas to plan it. We identify with your wedding vision and strive hard to realise it through expert wedding planning and coordination. From wedding photography through to wedding decoration and wedding planning, we guarantee a wedding to impress everyone.

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The kids party entertainers from Bounce and Party are familiar with the what’s and how’s of planning your kids party entertainment. Although we have already been doing this for many years, it still gets us excited the way we help our clients plan and organize their special moments.

Whatever are your vision and budget, we make sure they do not interfere with each other. At Bounce and Party, we know how to plan kids party entertainment, without compromising on things that matter to you and your guests.

The kids party entertainers from Bounce and Party are experts at making sure your kid’s birthday party is a blast! We have a wide range of bounce party packages that will make your little one’s day extra special. From bouncing around in ball pits to jumping up and down on a jumping castle, there’s plenty of fun to have. And with our friendly and professional service, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly on the day. So if you’re looking for bounce birthday parties and the best kids party hire , then be sure to check out Bounce and Party!

Further, our Bounce Party team of kids entertainers in Sydney will bring fun and excitement to your kids birthday party or any other family gathering. And just when you need a party photographer in Sydney to capture those beautiful moments, Bounce and Party can help. We also cater for fun day, fair, fete and corporate functions.

We can help you organize anything from a 1st birthday party, to something special and fun for your little one – whether it’s time for a Spider-man party, princess party or party filled with kiddies party hire such as  jumping castles or ball pit hire, we have your kids entertainment covered!!!

We have many other exciting Bounce Party kids party packages that include face painting, invitations, games, decorations, singing and dancing sessions, balloon sculpting and some other activities that take place at social gatherings.We have created many Bounce Birthday Parties in the last 12 years and we can create a bounce party for you too.


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How to Hire Bounce Party Kids Party Entertainers in Sydney?

When it comes to hiring kids party entertainers in Sydney, it is important to make sure that the person you allow to walk in knows how to handle children and be patient with them. At Bounce and Party, we understand that hiring a kids party entertainer is a big responsibility. After all, you are entrusting the care of your children to someone else for an entire bounce party. That’s why we only work with experienced bounce kids party entertainers who know how to handle children and keep them entertained. We also have a variety of bounce party packages to choose from, so you can find the perfect option for your child’s bounce birthday party. Whether you’re looking for someone to handle all the entertainment or just want someone to lead the group in some bounce games, we have you covered. So when it comes time to hire a kids party entertainer in Sydney, be sure to give us a call at Bounce and Party. We’ll make sure your child has a bounce birthday party that they will never forget! Keeping this requirement in mind, Bounce and Party provides only experienced kids party entertainers, who will entertain the children and create children entertainment memories that last forever.

Kids Party Entertainment

Testimonials What our Clients Say

  • Thanks to Lana for her service entertaining the kids. She entertained the kids with face painting, balloon making and playing pass the parcel. She also help served the birthday cake and gather all the kids to sing happy birthday which is very hard to do if you have 20 kids. All the kids had fun and were very happy. Will definitely recommend Bounce and Party to everyone else that would like an entertainer for kids parties. Thanks a LOT guys !!!
    Maria, Blacktown,Sydney
  • Lana was helpful and communicative and the kids had heaps of fun with the entertainer!
    Lucy, Maroubra, Sydney
  • They made us feel comfortable and special on our wedding day. Both photographer and the organiser were amazing and put a lot of passion towards taking nice pictures. Highly recommend for weddings and other events. Thank you once again.
    Natasha , Randwick, Sydney

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