Sydney NSW

Looking for the best Wedding Styling in Sydney and Wedding Stylist in Sydney?Look no further!

Struggling to find a Wedding Stylist who can turn your vision into reality?

Wish you could find a Wedding Stylist to create a stress free Wedding Ceremony Styling in Sydney?

Or, do you need a Wedding Stylist to create a wedding ceremony and reception styling that will be the talk of the town and even the country?

Well, we are the Wedding Stylists for you!

We create irresistibly adorable Wedding Styling that leaves everyone speechless.

Wedding ceremony styling Sydney

Why hire our wedding stylist?

Brides usually ask the question why they need to hire a wedding stylist when they know what they like. There are many reasons why hire a wedding stylist :

  • The wedding stylist will ensure that there is a flow of the wedding style you like.Sometimes brides love to implement a lot of elements in their wedding which can cause a mixture of wedding styles.Our wedding stylist will ensure that we implement those elements but at the same time we stick to the wedding style you like.
  • Our wedding stylist sets the visual tone of the wedding or the event. Your stylist is a designer of your wedding. Her job is to organise the colour palette, lighting, floor plans, decorations, florals… but at the same time a wedding stylist must ensure wedding entirety.
  • Our wedding stylist will work with the suppliers of the props, flowers and decorations so the wedding style is matched
  • Our wedding stylist will ensure the budget is not blown up.
  • If you are running out of any wedding styling ideas, definitely our wedding stylist will be of great help for you here

How do I hire you as my wedding stylist?

The process of hiring one of our wedding stylists is very easy.

Here are the 3 step process we follow to assist our couples:

  • Meet with our wedding stylists for 1 hour FREE consultation – We always like to meet first with the couples to ensure whether we are the right match for their wedding.Here, we ask you many questions about your vision or if you don`t have one we can provide you with some ideas.
  • Customising your wedding – If you decide to go ahead with us, then we will meet again for a much longer consultation where we can discuss every details for your wedding. When we will get a clear idea about your wedding styling then we create a quote and send it to you for your approval.
  • We start working on your wedding styling – when the quote has been accepted, then we start working our magic. We always deliver a professional, affordable and reliable service and we guarantee a wedding fairytale that will leave everyone speechless.

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