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Looking for the Best Event Photographer in Sydney or Party Photography? Look no further!

Wish you could find Event Photographer in Sydney or Wollongong to capture awe-inspiring and incredible photos which amaze everyone (including the ones who are hard to please)?

Do you want an Event Photographer who can capture every single detail of your Event?

Or, do you need a Party Photographer who creates candid photos that will blow you away?

Well, we offer the Event Photography and Party Photography Service for you!

Our Event Photographers create breathtaking event photography that attracts immense customers love.

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Sydney party photography

Why book our Event Photography Services in Sydney?

Our Event photography is the perfect way to capture all the key candid moments of your corporate event, party, or another special occasion. Our event photography services in Sydney are designed to capture your event’s mood, atmosphere and memorable moments. We understand that every event is unique, and we will work with you to ensure that your photos genuinely reflect your event.

On the day of your event, our photographer will arrive early to set up and be on hand to take photos throughout the day. We will also be available to take pictures after the event so you can have a complete event record. When booking our event photography services, you can be sure that all your key moments will be captured in beautiful detail.

Here are 5 reasons why book our Event Photographers :

* We guarantee our Event Photography will WOW everyone (including your fussy friends)

* Our party photographers are professional, polite and with many years of experience

* Bounce and Party event photographers will capture every single detail at your event (yes, we can climb, jump and get to any hidden spot to capture the right photo)

* Our Event Photography and Party Photography is super fun, exciting and creative (no boring photos)

* Still not convinced? Check our event photography below, and let’s chat.

Are you experienced in Corporate Event Photography?

Here at Bounce and Party, we understand that your corporate event is a crucial moment for your business. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing high-quality corporate event photography services that capture all the key moments of your event.

We know you’ll want to remember your corporate event photos for years. So we make sure to use the latest event photography technology and techniques to get the perfect shot. And because we understand that every event is different, we offer a range of packages that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

So if you’re looking for professional event photography services in Sydney for your next corporate event, book our services today. 

Let us help you capture your event in all its glory.

party photography

Is our Event Photography in Sydney affordable?

Well, your thought now is, ` Does the event photography cost arm and leg? `

When it comes to photography businesses, Sydney has a lot to offer. Suppose you’re looking for a company that can capture photos at media events, photo shoots, or corporate events. In that case, you’ll be able to find plenty of options in Sydney. However, with so many businesses to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right photography business for your needs :

  • First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the business you choose is experienced in capturing photos at the type of event you’re planning. Ask for examples of their work, and see if they have testimonials from past clients.
  • You should also inquire about their pricing structure, which can vary widely between businesses.
  • Once you’ve found a few photography businesses that meet your needs, take the time to read reviews and compare prices before making your final decision. With some research, you’re sure to find the perfect company for your event photography needs in Sydney.

I have great news for you.

Nothing beats a professional event photographer that comes at an affordable price.

We know you were not ready to hear this, but we offer AFFORDABLE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY in Sydney. And yes, it will be stunning too.

Being an established photography business in Sydney, we bring different professionals on board to provide affordable services to our clients without compromising quality at any stage. And when it comes to formal or informal event photography in Sydney, Bounce & Party ensures you get the most talented experts at your disposal.

  • We understand that every event is planned on a budget, so we tailor our services to your budget and specific requirements in Sydney.

How can you hire our Party Photographer?

Sydney is home to some of the most popular event venues in Australia. From art galleries and museums to convention centres and outdoor parks, there’s no shortage of places to host a successful event. And when it comes to capturing those special moments, there’s no one better than a professional event photographer.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large-scale conference, our team of experienced photographers can help you capture every moment. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to capture the event photos you need, whether setting up a photo booth or roaming around the venue to capture candid shots of attendees. We’re also flexible regarding event dates, so we can always accommodate your schedule.

With so many photographers offering their party photography and event photography services, it can be tough to decide who to hire to create your beautiful photos. Our prices are super affordable, and, most importantly, our professional photographers provide reliable and professional service. These are just a few reasons we are highly recommended by our past event attendees and clients. So how do you hire us? It’s pretty easy.

Event Photography Packages

The first step before booking a photography package is to confirm your event date. Then choose a party photography or event photography package or just give us a call if you cannot find the right package and we will be able to help you.Please see below some of our most popular packages:

  • Silver Party Photography Package


2 hours coverage

all photos are professionally edited

USB of all high resolution photos taken within those 2 hours

  • Gold Party Photography Package


4 hours coverage

all photos professionally edited (Unlimited photos)

USB of all high resolution photos taken within those 4 hours

  • Diamond Photography Package


6 hours coverage (Unlimited Photos)

all photos professionally edited

USB of all high resolution photos taken within those 6 hours

  • Platinum Photography Package


8 hours coverage (Unlimited Photos)

all photos professionally edited

USB of all high resolution photos taken within those 8 hours.


The second step is to call us on 0420207713 and book your photography package today.

If you cannot find the right party photography or event photography package for your event, please contact us on 0420207713 and we will be happy to help and do an awesome job and create beautiful photos for your event!

It is imperative to book on time if you’re looking to book a party photographer in Sydney or event photography in Sydney! Suppose you are looking for candid photography or photography to match your personal style. In that case, we guarantee you will be amazed by the great party photos our professional photographers will create. We will also be happy to give you some photography tips on adding depth to your photos. And we are very experienced in taking group photos for your corporate event, 16th birthday, 40th birthday photography or any other event photography you might need.

Finally, our post-production editing of the photos is done exclusively by us. This means your candid and precious moments are viewed only by our professional photographers. Your privacy is essential to us, and your final photos will be ready in no time.

Whether it’s a social media event, product launch, trade show or just a special day with friends, let us be there to document it! Our Event Photography Services cover all of Sydney, and we’re passionate about capturing those candid moments that you’ll want to share with the world. We know how important social media is, and we’ll make sure your event looks its best when your friends see it. Contact us today and let us know how we can help make your next event more memorable!

Wishing you a wonderful time at your next event!

Our Party Event Photography Team 🙂

Contact Us Now for The Best Event Photography in Sydney

Bounce & Party can arrange an experienced photographer for your event in Sydney. Let us know your requirements in advance so that we can arrange a photographer for the time and day that you specify. Looking for the last-minute booking? We have got you covered.

Call us now to book an appointment or speak to one of our experts to get more information about our event photography services.



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