Wedding Photography Styles



Wedding Photography Styles

Which type of wedding photography is suitable for a wedding?

Even though there are not any definitions of the wedding photography styles, different wedding photographers have a different approach when it comes to the wedding photography.

Here are, in a nutshell, the wedding photography styles that photographers depict in their photos and it is great to get an understanding of the style before you choose your wedding photographer.

1. Traditional/Classic Wedding Photography

This wedding photography style is usually requested by a bridal couple who has decided on a traditional wedding and wants the wedding photographer to retell a story with all the customs and traditions, similar to the photography story their parents or grandparents had when they got married. If you have decided on a traditional wedding photography, we always suggest you choose a longer wedding photography package with possibly 2 wedding photographers so we can capture the traditions and the preparation of the bride and the groom and their relatives, friends…Usually, we require a list of wedding shots which the bride and groom want us to cover so we can make sure we don`t miss anything that is important to be captured. Also when the list is provided, the wedding photographer can prepare his/her photography equipment, lenses, background…The benefits of this wedding photography style is the photographer knows the poses and he/she just follows the “shot list“ so all important moments are captured. The disadvantage of this photography style is the photographer looks like a `wedding official` and his/her job is to direct everyone at the wedding in order to have all the wedding photos captured.

2. Artistic / Creative Wedding Photography

This wedding photography style is becoming increasingly popular among the couples. The wedding photographer creates unique and artistic moments that are only for this couple and their special day and the bridal party is encouraged to interact in a spontaneous way. This style is suitable for couples who like to have fun at their wedding and who would love to create a unique and natural photography story with the help of the artistic skills of their wedding photographer. This style also makes use of wedding props like suitcases, love signs, flowers…which a photographer brings to the wedding to create the theme (rustic theme, winter wonderland theme, beach theme…).The benefit of this style is that the photos are unique and can show a big “WOW“ factor. However, f you are not a creative persons and like certain traditional poses, then this style won`t be suitable for you as it is abstract and unusual.

3. Lifestyle/Photojournalism/Candid Wedding Photography Style

This wedding photography style is for bride and grooms who would like their wedding captured as the events unfold. This photography style has a relaxed approach, where the photographer needs to be invisible but at the same time to be able to capture all the special moments during the wedding. So this is a style where the bride and groom don`t pose but their wedding photos are captured by the wedding photographer who needs to `go the extra mile` to create an artwork which tells the story of their special day.

The reality is that most of the photographers integrate a mix of wedding styles when photographing a wedding.

You should always ask your wedding photographer about what is their preferred wedding photography style. And also check their portfolio out and make sure that the photos you are looking at are the ones you would like to see after your wedding.When meeting with your photographer, it is recommended you bring a `shot list`with the poses you like to have or maybe a photography from a magazine or other wedding you have seen and you would like to have it captured at your wedding. However, if you are a relaxed couple who would like to leave everything in the hands of your wedding photographer, then just show up at your wedding and let your photographer create your wedding story for you….


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