Top 4 Amazing Wedding Themes for Every Bridal Style




Top 4 Amazing Wedding Themes for Every Bridal Style

One of the most common questions that our wedding planner gets asked by brides and grooms is what we can do in order their wedding to be slightly different from other weddings. Our answer is choose a colour, a song or something that relates to your personality. Creating your dream wedding with the help of our wedding planner will be stress-free and we guarantee to create a wedding that will be the talk of the town. And don`t worry if you don`t have a vision for your wedding theme, planning and styling,our wedding planners are here to help.

Here are some wedding themes we have created for our brides and grooms in the past.But the list does not here.We are always on a look out of new and interesting ideas so we can create something unusual and intriguing for your wedding:

Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

If you are planning on having a vineyard, garden or country wedding, the rustic wedding theme would be a great idea for you.This wedding theme includes everything that reminds us on nature, landscape and wood. The simplicity dominates rustic weddings. The rustic wedding we organised for Sean and Theresa was in a vineyard close to Camden, NSW. For the wedding arch, our beautiful bride Theresa chose an arch with few natural wooden branches and flowers who brought the touch of the nature in her wedding. The flowers we usually choose when organising a rustic wedding look like they were just plucked straight from our garden.The wine barrels were used as cocktail and canape tables and the guest list was written on a big wooden crate which looked amazing.For the wedding reception, we set up the tables with hessian burlap table runners and as a keepsake guests received a small candle with a wooden love heart where the names of the bridal couple were engraved. Even the menus were matching the wedding theme ; they were rustic with a jute cord (how amazing).The cake was set up on a wine barrel and it was a thinly frosted white wedding cake topped with pale petals. To conclude, simplicity and nature are the two main ingredients when preparing your rustic wedding theme.

Classic Romance Wedding Theme

If you like a timeless wedding which won`t look outdated after 50 years, then the right wedding theme for you will be the classic romance theme.The classic theme includes a wedding in church surrounded by your friends and relatives. For the colour palette of your wedding, the white colour with a touch of gold or silver would be great or if you like to add a romantic feel include a touch of pale pink.For the wedding ceremony, add flower urns or line up the aisle with flower trains, add a beautiful white or red aisle runner, a white arch with beautiful silk or real flowers and voila you are ready for your I DO moment.For the wedding reception, candles and tall wedding centrepieces with white flowers are a must to bring that romantic touch of your wedding.To conclude, clean lines and unassuming details are what you need to look for when organising your classic romance wedding.

Ethnic/Traditional Wedding Theme

If you like a wedding where all your customs, traditions &culture will be included then your choice would be the ethnic, traditional wedding. This wedding theme includes traditional wedding music, rich fabrics and traditional wedding dress and groom`s attire. Depending on the culture, the wedding ceremony usually includes customs such as throwing rice or lollies when the ceremony finishes, carrying the bride by the groom across the threshold to protect her from the evil or painting henna on ladies`hands and feet to protect themselves from the evil eye. Some cultures won`t accept any silk flowers on the wedding table or any wedding decoration should not include silk wedding flowers because that is considered as bad luck. Traditional music and dancing play a great part in ethnic weddings and usually the sound of the drums create the best atmosphere during the wedding.

Seaside Beach Wedding Theme

If you are dreaming about a wedding by the beach, where the music will be the splash of the ocean waves, then the beach wedding theme will be the perfect match for you. For the wedding ceremony,a beach wedding arch or canopy with white and blue drapes and starfish will be ideal.Add a hessian runner,some starfish décor to your chairs and voila ! For the wedding reception, centrepieces with sand, seashells or starfish & small candles & don`t forget the cake which you can decorate with everything that reminds you on beach. Another interesting idea for your wedding seating chart is a surfing board where you can write the names of all your guests.If you love the beach,sea shells and the sand then your wedding theme must be a seaside beach wedding theme.

When choosing your wedding theme, always listen to your heart, choose something that suits you and your style.Our wedding planner will be always happy to assist you in choosing or making your wedding theme happen.



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