10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner in Sydney







What questions should I ask before hiring a Wedding Planner?

Hiring a wedding planner for your wedding can be one of the best steps you can make to save money.

However,before you hire a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator,here are the questions you must ask:

1. How many years of experience do you have in organising weddings and wedding planning?

This is a very crucial question because you would like to work with someone who is experienced and a wedding planner who has already established solid relationships with other wedding vendors and who is confident that will create a dream wedding as per your budget.

2. Are you available on my wedding date?

This is a very important question for your wedding planner as you don“t like to waste your time talking to a wedding planner who is booked out on your wedding day.

3. Can you create a wedding to match our budget ?

A great wedding planner must be great with numbers as this can have a great impact on your wedding budget.Wedding planners can plan and style your wedding but at the same time they must be conscious that a bride has a limited budget that we need to stick to. The budget of the brides can vary so that is why for you it is very imortant to ask your wedding planner,whether she can work with the budget you have in mind for your wedding.Some wedding planners would work only with brides with a budget of more than $100000,however others will create a wedding even if your budget is only $5000-$10000.

4. Do you work with specific vendors and do we get a discount if we use your vendors?

When working in the wedding industry, wedding planners work with many suppliers (vendors) , however we have preferred vendors who might give our clients (brides and grooms) special discounts.So,I always suggest you ask this question as this is important especially when working with tight budget.

5. Do we get unlimited consultations and can we meet or talk over the phone whenever we need you?

Different wedding planning packages offer different inclusions so before booking a wedding planner you must understand your wedding planning package inclusions.If you are a bride who is detail oriented and wants to make sure that every detail is coordinated by h er wedding planner as imagined,I suggest you get the package with unlimited consultation.However, if you a bride who is relaxed and wants to let the wedding planner do the job she does the best,then a package with limited phone support and meetings might be the choice.

6. Are you going to be present at my wedding rehearsal?

Some brides do wedding rehearsal so it is very important for your wedding planner to be there so you can make sure you are on the same page.I always suggest that you provide the wedding sheet to your wedding planner at least 2 weeks before the wedding as she needs to ensure everypne arrives on time on the wedding day and all tasks on the wedding sheet have been completed in the desired order.

7. Does my package include wedding coordination as well?

Some wedding planning packages include on the day wedding coordination.On the day wedding coordination means your wedding planner will be there early in the morning to ensure all vendors have arrived and to guide them to the place where they will need to set up required items.equimpent ….Also,the wedding planner will be there to welcome and seat your guests and finally to ensure you have great entrance and an unforgettable fairytale wedding…

8. Can you stay calm under pressure and do you have any back up plan?

This question is quite important as you would like to work with a wedding planner who is cal and take the pressure of you on the wedding day.You need a planner who will answer all the questions during the wedding coordination and she will be a your àppropriate`representative and you can rely on her.That is why trusting your wedding planner is extremely important.

9. How do payments work and can I pay your fee in installments?

The wedding planning and coordination process can vary from $1000 to up to $15000/$20000 and it can be quite difficult to pay this amount as a lump sum.That is why it is recommend you ask whether you can pay this amount in installments and when are these installments due.

10. What happens if you get sick?

This is extremely important question and a question you must ask. Anyone can become sick so having a back up is of great importance.You need to make sure that they have a back up plan, for example another planner or another company who can take over the whole event and everything will be executed till perfection as agreed before




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