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Wedding Coordinators & Wedding Organisers – Do I really need one for my special day?






Wedding Coordinators & Wedding Organisers – Do I really need one for my special day?

Fairytale wedding is what every bride dreams off. Your wedding day can be quite a stressful day especially if your expectations are very high. Don`t risk organising your big day by yourself or with the help of your relatives. Let our professional wedding coordinator or wedding organiser manage your special day so you, your future partner and your wedding guests enjoy every moment of it.

What do Wedding Coordinators do?

Wedding Coordinators are hired by bridal couples so they can ensure their wedding day runs smoothly. A professional wedding organiser will meet with you before your big day (we recommend this happens about 3 months before the wedding),however we have assisted many couples on their wedding day even at much shorter notice (2 weeks before the wedding).When you meet with your dedicated Sydney wedding coordinator, you will be asked questions related to your wedding suppliers. The information we usually ask is the name of the supplier, their contact details and the services they will be providing on the wedding day. When the vendor information has been provided, then our task is to contact them and confirm the services they are providing and their delivery or set up time.So basically, the on the day wedding coordinator is the main contact person on your special day.During the meeting, we go through a check list so we can ensure that you have organised everything for your wedding and no hiccups happen on your big day.

wedding coordinator Sydney
Wedding Coordinator Sydney

What does a Wedding Organiser do on the wedding day?

The wedding coordinator is the main link between you as a bridal couple and all the vendors.We always have a run sheet with the vendors name, their delivery and set up time and the time they will need to pick their equipment (if any). Our wedding coordinators in Sydney,Wollongong,Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands ensure that these vendors provide on time and great quality services so everything runs smoothly.Also, we make sure that the bride and the groom are following the time schedule confirmed in the initial meeting regarding their hair and make up appointments, church ceremony or the wedding ceremony, home celebration, wedding photography at a certain location… A wedding coordinator also ensures the guest list is confirmed and all guests have been assigned the right table. When guests start arriving at the venue, they are escorted by the wedding coordinator to their tables so they can have that special treatment. And finally, the wedding coordinator will welcome the bridal couple at the venue and will guide the bride, the groom and the other family members on how to have that stunning entrance where all the eyes will be focused on them.If the wedding coordinator has been booked for the all day wedding coordination, she will be the one to always guide the couple through their wedding day such as their first dance as married couple, the photography with their guests, cutting of the wedding cake…Finally, when the married couple leaves the venue, the wedding coordinator will assist the vendors with the pick up of their equipment, but she can also organise the wedding gifts to be delivered to the house or any other designated place.We have a variety of wedding coordination packages starting at 4 hours to the complete wedding coordination.We can come anywhere in NSW, including Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands or Central Coast.

Wedding Coordinator
Wedding Coordinator

How to choose an On the day Wedding Coordinator?

Making the right choice of your wedding coordinator is very important for your wedding. Wedding coordination can be quite stressful, so if you choose a coordinator who is inexperienced, the whole wedding day can become a real disaster. When interviewing wedding coordinators, you need to ensure they have years of experience, they can handle the stress and most importantly they understand you vision. Every wedding is different especially if you have any cultural customs you and your family want to be followed. So, at least one meeting before the wedding is a MUST. Another important question to ask is what happens in case the wedding coordinator is sick on the day.We always have 2 people from our business familiar with the wedding we are coordinating so if any wedding coordination is sick, another one can step in on the day.This is how we can ensure that we never let anyone down.Finally, your wedding coordinator must have outstanding manners. This means she must be polite with everyone and ensure that the communication is at a very high level.

Wedding Organiser
Wedding Organiser

Let us organise your wedding and ensure you have a stress free fairytale wedding.If you did not find the right wedding planning or wedding coordination package on our website, our event management team will be happy to create a custom made wedding planning package for you to meet your needs and budget.
We look forward to organising your wedding!


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