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The Ultimate Guide to the best Kids Party Hire in Sydney – Jumping Castles,Ball Pit Hire,Kids Party Entertainers





The Ultimate Guide to the best Kids Party Hire in Sydney

Organising a kids birthday party can be quite a stressful experience for any parent. Here is the ultimate guide on how to organise the best kids party hire in Sydney and Wollongong:

Jumping Castle Hire Penrith – Jumping Castle Hire Illawarra Region – Jumping Castle Hire Wollongong

Jumping castles are very popular kids party hire equipment for birthday parties, family fun days, events, fetes and fairs. They can bring so much fun to the party. Our jumping castles are very interactive as they include a slide, huge jumping area and boxing sticks so kids can not only jump but they can play in the bouncy castles. The area we require to set up the castle is 4.5m X 4.5m and height of 3.5m.It can be set up in your backyard, front yard, driveway, park, community hall, restaurant, venue…Whether you need a jumping castle in Penrith,jumping castles in Wollongong or anywhere in the Illawara region,we can help you.Our jumping castles have been made in Australia and they exceed all the safety standards. They operate on power but if you like the bouncy castle set up in the park, then we require a generator. In order for the jumping castle to be set up in a public area (park,community hall…), you require a permission from the council. It is a very simple process where you will need to complete a form and send it to the council.Councils usually require a public liability which we have and we can send it to you. Jumping castles are great for children age 3 years and older. If you are organising a birthday party where there will be children younger then 3, we recommend you to consider another equipment hire such as ball pit hire or a soft play hire. We have created various kids party packages for your party; please see some of them here . Our kids party hire is not only very entertaining but it is very affordable.   

Jumping-castle hire Wollongong

Jumping-castle hire Wollongong


Ball Pit Hire/Soft Play Hire – Indoor Softplay Hire

  • One of the best kids party hire for children age 1 – 6 is our ball pit hire. Ball Pits are closed areas full of colourful balls but they also have other party equipment such as slides, rocking horses, coupe cars, basketball hoops, tunnels, soft play equipment…They are great entertainment for babies and toddlers and we guarantee adults will enjoy the childrens birthday party too. They are great for kids parties, Christenings, baby showers, community events, family fun days, Christmas parties… Our ball pits can be set up as an indoor softplay hire in a restaurant, community hall, park or your backyard. If the weather is hot, you can hire a marquee to protect children from the sun. If there are children older than 5 at the party, we recommend you hire a jumping castle or/and kids entertainer in addition to the ball pit hire so everyone can have fun. Our ball pit hire prices start at only $150. For more information on our party packages, please click HERE.
soft play hire Sydney

ball pit hire – soft play hire Sydney

Kids Party Entertainers

  •  are a great party hire for kids parties where the kids age varies. Our kids party hire packages include facepainting, balloontwisting, playing games, pass the parcel with prizes that we are going to bring, singing and dancing and singing Happy Birthday with cakecutting. Our party packages are affordable and entertaining for children age 1 – 14 years old.They are great for Christenings, 1st birthday party,toddler party or any event where kids need to be entertained. If you are organising a themed party, we can also include a kids entertainer dressed in a costume to match your party theme. Some of the girls party characters we offer are Queen Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Rainbow Fairy , Rapunzel,Snow White, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman just to name few. For more information on our girls party packages,please click HERE.
    From the boys party characters, the most popular are Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Captain America, Ninja Turtle, Pirate…For more information on our boys party packages please click HERE.
    If you are organising your 1st birthday party, the most popular party character is our clown. However, if you have any party theme for your girls 1st birthday party, we can organise a character to match the theme such as a princess or a fairy. For boys 1st birthday party, the most popular character is our clown Clumsy, but if you like a superhero party, we can definitely help you with that too. The party packages with our kids entertainers can be 1.5 hour, 2 hours or longer and they start at only $250 ; we guarantee kids will have loads of fun.For more information on the kids party hire specials,please click HERE 


Party Decorations Hire/Helium Balloons Hire

 Our kids party hire does not include only hire of party equipment but we can also decorate your house, restaurant, community hall, venue….Balloon decorations seem to be very popular for childrens parties, first birthday party, Christenings…We can create beautiful balloon centrepieces, balloon arches, letter balloons, balloon garlands or send us a picture so we can create the masterpiece you like. We are specialised in creating a cake backdrop decorations which is going to add a fabulous touch to your party photography. If you are looking for any flower centrepieces, we can help you with that too.Or if you are organising your kids party or any event in a restaurant, why not let us create a fairytale event with our party decorations? This will definitely leave everyone speechless.

Party Photographer Hire/Christening Photography Hire

  •  Do not forget to organise a party photographer for your party, Christening or family event. We are very experienced party photographers, detail oriented and we never miss a detail from your party. Hire our party photographer to record the beautiful moments at your party that will last forever with our photography. We are also very familiar with customs in different cultures such as Catholic Christenings, Orthodox Christenings and we can capture every precious moment during your celebration. Our party photography packages start at only $299.

 Tables and Chairs Kids Party Hire

  •  When organising your kids party, the hire of kids and adult tables and chairs is very important. Bounce and Party provides affordable kids and chairs party hire. We can also decorate you chairs with chair covers and sashes or the tables with beautiful tablecloths to match your party theme.

Bounce and Party is a one stop kids party hire company. You don`t need to go to different companies to look for all these services and party equipment, you can come to us so we can provide you with everything now. As our kids party hire is very affordable, we get booked out very quickly so don`t delay booking your birthday party, Christening or any event. Call us now on 0420207713 and let us create a magical event to impress everyone….


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