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Ball Pit Hire – 5 Amazing Tips You Absolutely Can`t Miss!








Need a Giant Ball Pit Hire, Small Kids Ball Pit or Ball Pit with a Slide?

Here are 5 great tips to know before you decide on your ball pit hire

Ball Pit hire is the best party hire for 1st birthday, Christening, toddler party, family fun days, fetes, fairs… Whether you need kids party entertainment in winter or summer, our ball pit can be set up indoors or outdoors, anywhere you want (community hall, restaurant, your backyard…).Our ball pits vary in size from small ball pits  2m x 2m up to giant ball pit hire for children with thousands of balls and other kids party equipment as part of the package.

Here are 5 great tips to know before you decide on your ball pit hire :

  • Our giant ball pits and small kids ball pits are great for hire in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Parents usually ask us whether the ball pit should be placed in a covered area and here is our answer: if the temperature is up to 25 degrees, then a gazebo or any other cover for the toddler ball pit is not required. However, in summer when the weather is very hot we always suggest either the ball pit to be placed under a gazebo or in a shade. In the months when the rain is forecasted on the party day, always set up the play pen under a covered area or we can set it up in your living room too. That is the reason why the ball pit party is always possible.
Ball Pit Hire Sydney

Ball Pit Hire Sydney

  • We have a variety of sizes of our ball pits. Our customers always ask us for advice about what size ball pit to choose. The size you choose depends on the kids number and also on the inclusions you like as part of the toddler ball pit. Our small ball pit for kids is suitable for up to 6 children, our large ball pit would be great for up to 12 children however our giant ball pit hire can accommodate 30+ children. So, deciding on the play pen size depends on the children number, available area for set up but also on your budget. Unlike other kids party equipment, the size of the ball pit can be suited to match your space as the ball pit consists of different parts. We can make the ball pit longer, wider to match your space.
  • When choosing your ball pit, the inclusions are very important. Our ball pits have different inclusions such as a slide, basketball hoop, coupe cars, a tunnel , rocking horses and thousands of colourful balls. If you need a ball pit with slide, every ball pit package we offer includes a slide; this means that it does not matter what package you choose the slide is always part of the ball pit hire package. If you want fun ball pit hire, then we suggest you choose the package with more toys. For example, our diamond star ball pit hire package includes 5000 balls, 1 slide, 2 rocking horses,1 basketball hoop and 1 coupe car while our platinum ball pit includes everything from the diamond star ball pit plus 1 more coupe car and a tunnel. For more info on our ball pit hire, please visit our webpage :
  • Our ball pit hire is suitable for children age 9 months to 8 years. When organising your birthday party, always count the number of the children of this age, so you can ensure you hire the right ball pit size. If you have children at various ages and this is a very common scenario when people celebrate first birthday or Christening, we always suggest you add another entertainment such as a kids entertainer or/and a jumping castle. Usually, children age 5+ will love the ball pit but they would love to jump on the bouncy castle as well. However, kids age 7+ would prefer to have fun on the jumping castle or have their facepainted or even play games with one of our kids entertainers.
Ball Pit Hire

Ball Pit Hire

  • Finally, the delivery, set up and pick up is in addition to the ball pit hire package prices. The reason why we charge these fees is because we need to pay for the tolls and the fuel charges. The fees vary as per the suburb and they start from $35 depending on many factors such as tolls, fuel charges, distance…

As mentioned before, the ball pit hire is an amazing idea for your 1st birthday, toddler party or any kids party where the kids age is from 1-8 years. We always suggest that you book your kids party hire early so you can secure the desired party date and time. Whether you need a small kids ball pit, giant ball pit hire, baby girl ball hire pit or baby boy ball pit hire with slide, we have you covered!


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