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What are some good aisle wedding decorations for wedding ceremonies?

Your wedding ceremony is a special moment and it must be memorable one for you and your guests. Creating a fairytale wedding ceremony is our task and we can assure you that our wedding planner will craft wedding decorations to match your budget and theme. And the wedding decorations bring colour to your wedding and they can make your space spectacular.

The most popular option for marking your wedding aisle are our wedding carpets or aisle runners. They come in 2 colours (white and red) and also for those couples who have decided on a beach wedding, the hessian carpet would be the best match for their wedding ceremony.

Here are some other ideas for your aisle wedding decorations :

1. Shepherd Hooks with pomander balls – will give you a romantic look of your wedding. The shepherd hooks are white and the pomander balls can be white or custom made to match your wedding ceremony theme.

2. Shepherd Hooks with hanging vases with flowers – this option is great especially if you are hiring a wedding arch so we can have the same flowers in a vase hanging from the shepherd hooks.

3. Aisle of flowers – if you like tons of flowers for your wedding, then this could be the best choice for you. We can line them down both sides of the aisle.This can be quite expensive option, however it is the best one as the flowers can bring a colour to your wedding ceremony.

4. Flowers as aisle decorations – Hanging flowers on your chairs looks simple but magnificient. I would recommend baby`s breath as they are very delicate flowers and they symbolize innocence and an everlasting love.

5. Rose Petals – will give you that fairytale look of the wedding ceremony that every bride dreams off. Real rose petals are beautiful but they can be quite expensive. You can use silk rose petals which can be as beautiful as the real ones and are a more affordable option as an aisle decoration.

6. Bamboo Aisle Markers – are great as aisle decorations for a beach wedding ceremony. Add white draping, tulle and/or flowers to them and line the wedding aisle.

7. White chiffon with a flower – will bring a romantic look to your wedding.

8. Chair Sashes – come in different colours and they are a popular and an affordable option as an aisle wedding decoration for your wedding ceremony.

9. Tall Vases with candles/flowers – a romantic idea for your wedding ceremony. If the wedding ceremony location is windy, then why not use battery operated candles to create that romantic feel.

10. White Pedestals with vases and flowers – for your royal grand entrance, choose our beautiful white pedestals with tall vases and flowers.

There are an abundant number of options for your aisle wedding decorations and your choice will depend on your wedding theme and style. If you cannot decide on what wedding decorations to choose for your wedding ceremony, our wedding planner will be more than happy to offer you ideas to create that feeling of the wedding ceremony decorations when everybody will be left speechless…

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