Want a Kids Birthday Party Entertainment on a budget? Read On!


Want a Kids Birthday Party Entertainment on a budget? Read On!

1. Start planning your party early. This will allow you more time to think about how you can organise the complete children party, including the party place,food,children party entertainers, party decorations…

2. Make party decorations with your child: Try to make party decorations with your child. This will help you spend more time with your child and your child can express his/her creativity in creating his/her kids party decorations.

3. Replace the birthday cake with cupcakes: Prepare small cupcakes for all the children present at the kids party. You can decorate them with edible photos of the superheroes or princesses to match your kids party theme.

4. Double up: If your child`s birthday party falls close with her/his friend`s birthday, celebrate the children party together. This will allow you share the cost with other parent.

5. Organise the party in a park: You can have your party in a park. It does not cost anything and there is a huge space for the kids to run, play games and have fun. However, always have a back up plan in case of a rain. There are community halls which you can hire at very reasonable rates for your kids party.

6. Go digital: Send your kids party invites by email. Avoid the printing and postage cost and simply email the invites to your guests.

7. Purchase your party bags goodies from a Dollar Shop: Visiting a specialised party shop might mean paying higher prices. Why not visit your Dollar Shop or check the clearance racks for items that will match your theme.

8. Prepare the food yourself: Fairy bread, sausage rolls, fruit skewers, crackers, vegetable sticks and dips and jelly cups are the most popular food at kids parties. They are easy and quick to make.

9. Exclude kids` parents from the kids party: If children are old enough, they can stay at the party without their parents. This will save you money as you will not need to prepare food and drinks for the adults, which adds up to the cost of the party.

10. Keep the guest list short: Stick with your child`s best friends. This can be tough as it might hurt other kids` feelings, however inviting 25 children or more can be costly.

Kids Party Entertainers

Kids Party Entertainers


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