Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid



Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Booking wedding photography for your special day is one of the most important part of your wedding planning process.

Choosing a professional photographer who is experienced, reliable and creative is what you need as these photographs will have special meaning to you in the years to come. However, before you book your wedding photographer, here are 10 mistakes you need to avoid :

1. Booking your photographer late – a lot of couples don`t plan their wedding on time and they end up booking a wedding photographer last minute. When booking your photographer late,the chances of you finding a great photographer might be very slim and you might end up booking someone who does not match your wedding style.

2. Booking your photographer based on price – if you are planning your wedding on a budget, we understand that you would like to book a cheap wedding photographer. Booking affordable wedding photography does not always mean you are booking a photographer who does not have great experience. However, always check their wedding photos portfolio whether it matches your style.

3. Booking wedding photography services through a photography company because your friends think they are great – this is a very common mistake that bridal couples make when booking their wedding photography. Your friends and relatives might be right, however you need to ask yourself whether the wedding photos that this photographer created for other weddings before, are the photos you would like to see after your wedding. Different wedding photographers have different styles and ways of photography so always check their portfolio.

4. Engaging your relative or family friend to be in charge of the wedding photography on your special day – this is something that we will never recommend to be done. Your friends, relatives or co-workers are your guests and they should enjoy your wedding. Investing in a superb wedding photography is the best way to preserve your precious memories.

5. Booking a wedding photographer who has another wedding to shoot the same day – nowadays, we see many wedding photographers shooting more than one wedding in a day. When shooting 2 weddings in a day, your wedding photographer might be tired and the chances of missing some of your special moments can be very high. Even though, there is nothing wrong in shooting two weddings in one day, always ask your wedding photographer if he/she has allocated the appropriate time to get from your wedding to the other wedding and he/she does not rush your wedding photography.

6. Booking a wedding photographer who does not match your personality– photographer`s personality can make or destroy your wedding day. You don`t like a grumpy photographer who won`t smile and will just give you orders on what to do. You would like a wedding photographer with a good sense of humor and who will be able to accommodate your wedding style and needs. We recently got an email from one of our brides who apologized to our wedding photographer as they were a `crazy couple` (her words).However, our wedding photographer was not offended at all by their behaviour, on the contrary he enjoyed the wedding and the photos were fantastic. In saying this, we always expect that our wedding photographers are respected and treated well at the weddings.

7. Booking an amateur photographer and expecting professional wedding photos – when looking for a budget wedding photographer, you might find a photographer who is affordable but does not have the appropriate skills. Paying couple of hundred dollars more for your wedding photography might be much better option, then being disappointed with the final result when the wedding is over.

8. Not meeting your photographer before the wedding – the meeting with your photographer is a moment when you will find out whether he is the right match for your wedding photography. We are all different, we have different ways we behave, different perception and different opinions so meeting your wedding photographer before the wedding is a must for every bridal couple.

9. Not giving your wedding photographer the wedding run sheet– the wedding schedule is very important for your photographer. You don`t like your wedding photographer to come late or go to the church even though you wanted some photos at home while you are getting ready. We suggest the wedding schedule to be given to us at least 3 weeks before the wedding so our wedding photographer can plan the travel time…

10. Not mentioning your most important people who you like to have a photo taken at your wedding – we all have special people in our lives. Whether that is our best friend, parents or a special cousin, we always need to let the photographer know so he does not miss that wedding photo. Sometimes, when we shoot a traditional wedding, we let the bridal couple create a list we can follow so they are happy with the end result.

11. Trying to make everything perfect we see so many brides and grooms trying to make their wedding perfect. They stress about so many little things and when the wedding ends, they realise they did not enjoy their special day. Being relaxed and calm at your wedding is very important. You would like to enjoy your wedding day without being worried about minor things.

12. Not smiling– Smiling at your wedding is very important. You don`t like wedding photos where you are serious and unhappy. It is your wedding day, one of the most special days in your life and your happiness, your joy and delight is what everyone expects. When walking down the aisle, hold your head up high and let everyone see how proud you are to marry the love of your life.

Your important day is our imperative. We strive to capture your emotions, you tears of joy or sadness at your wedding. Our wedding photography is based on observation. We witness your special moments and we ensure your precious memories are kept in your photographs.

Our high quality wedding photography is a reason for many referrals throughout the years. We believe that capturing every moment at your wedding is what all professional photographers would do. Our professional photography is state of the art, it Is a real proof of how dedicated our Sydney wedding photographers are.

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