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5 Questions to ask before organising Ball Pit For Kids

You’ve heard about ball pit for kids, but do you know what to look for in a quality provider? Before you make any decisions, there are some crucial questions that you need to ask the vendor. In this blog, we are going to take you through the five must-ask questions when organising a ball pit for kids, so you can ensure your event is memorable and stress-free.

1.How much space do I need for your ball pit for kids?

Organizing a children’s party can be a challenge, especially when it comes to space constraints. However, the excitement of little ones jumping into a ball pit is priceless. That’s why we receive a frequently asked question: “How much space do I need for your ball pit for kids?”. We understand that having a versatile ball pit option is crucial, which is why we have small ball pits, medium, and large ball pit sizes available: 2m x 1m, 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, and 4m x 4m. Even if you have a lot of kids, and you’re worried about the space available, you can still trust us to provide a solution. Our ball pits are easy to set up and come in many pieces, so we can customize them to suit your available area, whether it’s a house, community hall, or restaurant. Don’t miss out on the fun; book our ball pit for kids today.

2.Is the set up and pick up time included in the ball pit hire time?

As you plan for your child’s party, we know time is of the essence. That’s why we arrive 15-30 minutes before the party to ensure that the ball pit for kids is set up perfectly. After the party, it may be hard to say goodbye, but we need an extra 15-30 minutes to dismantle the ball pit. Please note that the set up and pick up time is not included in your hire time. So for example, if you have hired a ball pit for 4 hours, please add an additional hour for the set up and pick up. Thank you for choosing us for your child’s party!

3.What age group is the ball pit good for?

Our incredible ball pits are specially designed to delight children aged 9 months to 7 years old! With exciting features such as a slide, basketball hoop, rocking horses, and coupe cars, every child at the party will have a blast. And let’s not forget the millions of colourful balls that will delight the youngest guests at your 1st birthday or toddler party. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your child’s party unforgettable – order our ball pit today!

4.Do I need to supervise children all the time?

If you’re planning to hire a ball pit for your child’s next birthday party, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary to supervise the kids all the time. The answer is absolutely yes. As fun and exciting as ball pits for kids are, they can also be dangerous if not properly supervised. Kids can easily get carried away and engage in rough play that may result in injuries. With adults around, you can ensure that children follow the rules and play safely. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re keeping everyone protected. So, hire that ball pit for kids and make sure you have trustworthy adult supervision on site.

5.Do you charge delivery and set up fee?

If you are considering hiring a ball pit for kids’ party, you might be wondering if delivery and set up fees are included in the cost. At Bounce and Party, we believe in transparency, and that’s why we are telling you upfront: we do charge additional fees for travel expenses. We provide our services anywhere in Sydney, but we need to cover the petrol and tolls we incur to get to your location. However, you’ll be happy to know that our delivery fees are very minimal. We want to make our ball pit hire prices as affordable as possible, so we keep our additional fees to a minimum. Trust us, the amount you’ll enjoy watching your kids playing in our ball pit will be worth it. Hire us today and see for yourself!

Don’t settle for a typical 1st birthday or toddler party – make it unforgettable with our ball pit for kids! Imagine the joy on their faces as they dive into a sea of 5000 colorful balls, surrounded by toys to play with and friends to share the excitement. Our ball pit hire is the ultimate in children’s entertainment, and it will surely be the talk of the town. Give your kids a party they’ll never forget – book your ball pit today! For more information and to see what we offer, follow the link to Ball Pit Hire Sydney Ball Pit Hire Sydney


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