Superhero Birthday Party – Here are 10 amazing ways on how to organise one


Superhero Birthday Party

Your son`s birthday party is coming up. He is so excited as he has invited all his friends telling them it is going to be a superhero party. But the question is : Where do I start with the preparation of the superhero party? Who is going to be the Superhero entertainer? Who is going to make all children show their muscles and have fun?

Here are 10 great ways on how to create an amazing superhero party :

1.Decide whether this is going to be a superhero party with all the superheroes or it is going to be dedicated to the favourite Superhero (Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America,Ninja Turtle…) of your son.

2.When you have decided on the Superhero theme, the next thing is to organise the party supply. Why not decorate your house, community hall, restaurant or park with photos of your superheroes, superhero balloons, swirls, party banners, party stickers or banners for your cake table or even superhero confetti…And don`t forget to buy superhero capes for every child at your party!

3.Add a superhero touch to your party table with the superhero plates, serviettes or superhero party cups.

4.Don`t forget a superhero birthday cake which can be made with one or more of your superheroes. If you are on a budget, a great cake idea would be a cake topper you can add to your home made cake.

5.When you have organised the decor and the cake, it is time for you to organise the Superhero party entertainer. And guess what! Bounce and Party can help! Decide on what superhero entertainer you would like. We have a wide range of Superhero entertainers such as Batman, Spiderman, Superman,  Hulk, Captain America, Ninja Turtle, Superman to name few. Depending on the children number we can organise 1.5 hour, 2 hours or even longer kids party. If you like face painting as part of your kids party package, we suggest a female entertainer (Yes, we believe girls can facepaint better than boys). And the female kids entertainer can be dressed as a Superhero or you can choose any other costume from our costume range. Our superhero party has been created for children who love running and jumping, for boys and girls who are always ready to copy their favourite Superheroes and to show us their big muscles 🙂 Our superhero party package includes lots of games, our super popular Superhero obstacle course, balloon twisting and of course singing Happy Birthday with cake cutting. For more information on our Superhero party packages, please follow the link: Superhero Party Packages

6.When your kids entertainer has been booked, then it is time for you to send the Superhero invites. As part of our Superhero party package, we offer FREE Superhero party invites. When the party deposit is paid, we will email you the invites so you can send them to your friends and relatives. Always remember to stick to the kids number suitable for the party package you have booked. You don`t like a 1.5 hour party with 1 entertainer when 30 children appear at the party. If that happens, (and yes a lot of children will come to the party when they will find out that a Superhero is coming to your child`s birthday party) , don`t forget to call us and ask us if we can extend the party so we can cover all the party games and activities.

7.A great idea is to remind children to come dressed in costumes of their Superhero because it is a superhero party 🙂

8.Why not organise a superhero mask creation competition. Buy some colourful paper, glue and scissors and let everyone create their own Superhero mask! A parent help might be needed for younger children who are not very confident in using scissors.

9. Food can be a big challenge when organising a kids party. Make vegetable or sausage sandwiches and put some superhero decorations on them. Why not add some fruit on the table with signs like  `Builds muscles`, `Energy Blast`, `Improves Laser Vision` on the actual fruit bowl. This will make party guests eat healthier food and believe me parents will be grateful for this. And don`t forget the superhero cupcakes; they don`t need to be made by your cake lady. Try to make them with your son and decorate them with some cake toppings or put a coloured icing on them to match the party theme.

10.Finally, let the children Save the Day. Let kids bring the villain to its knees. And it is not only our superhero entertainer who can save the day. It is the collective power, all the superheroes at the party can save the day.


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