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Wedding Planner Sydney – 5 Must Read Tips on Why you need one





Wedding Planner Sydney – 5 Must Read Tips on why you need one!

The shiny diamond ring is on your finger and now it is time to commence the wedding planning process.But then comes the questions : Should I do it by myself or should I hire a professional wedding planner?

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a wedding planner is a smarter choice :

Stress Free Wedding Planning

Hiring a dedicated wedding planner can take the stress out of your wedding preparation.This is one of the most obvious reason why brides and grooms decide to hire a professional wedding organiser. The wedding planner is a person who has been working in the wedding industry for many years and she is familiar with all the challenges a bride might face.She is there to be a crying shoulder for the bride, a support when the bride needs assistance and a consultant to direct the bride and groom make the right choices.

A Wedding Planner can save you loads of money

Hiring a professional wedding planner can save you loads of money.Even though to some newly engaged couples this might seem impossible, this is very true.A wedding coordinator has contracts with different wedding suppliers such as wedding venues, wedding decoration hire companies, florists, wedding photographers, videographers,photo booth providers just to name few, and these suppliers provide great discounts to them.Also, a wedding planner can advise you if some services offered by a wedding venue are unnecessary so you can save some money too.

A Wedding Organiser can make your wedding dream come true

When organising your big day,it is very easy to forget some important details.For example, if you are organising your wedding in Blue Mountains and it is a spring or even summer wedding,a bridal jacket or a coat might be a good idea as evenings on a mountain can be quite chilly.Or when planning and styling your dream wedding,it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the number of choices available as a wedding theme.By talking with our Sydney wedding planner, you can make these decisions quicker without wasting your precious time.

Manage your Big Day to perfection with our Sydney Wedding Coordinator

Managing your special day as you have imagined can be done with the help of our on the day coordinator.A wedding coordinator can be there to organise the wedding suppliers,ensure the guests are seated at the right tables but also a wedding coordinator will ensure that everything goes as per the schedule.On the day coordination is what we recommend to every bride, as you as a bride don`t want to stress on your special day if anything does not go according to the plan.

Hire a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator if having a wedding outside of Sydney

We cannot stress enough how important it is to hire a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator if your wedding is outside of Sydney.A lot of Sydney couples decide on having their wedding in Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands such as Bowral,Wollongong or other beautiful places in Australia.A wedding coordinator can help you but also your guests in finding their accommodation, organising any stylists or make up artists if they need but also in having an enjoyable wedding experience.

To conclude, even though planning your wedding can be a dream come true, the wedding planning process is very time consuming and can cause distress in couples.By hiring our Sydney wedding planner, you won`t only save money, but you will be sure that your wedding will be managed by a professional planner with many years experience.So why not contact us today on 0420207713 and organise your 1 hour FREE Wedding Consultation in Sydney? Yes,you saw that right! We provide free no obligation wedding planning consultation so we can talk how we can assist you with all the wedding challenges.Let`s finish this blog with a beautiful saying which says : Every love story is beautiful but yours should be unique. Let Bounce and Party create your unique story!

For more info on our packages,please visit our wedding planning page HERE


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