1st birthday party ideas on a budget

1st birthday party ideas on a budget

First birthdays are an important milestone in every child`s life. They are to be celebrated to be remembered. When we talk to our customers who like to organise 1st birthday party for their child, they are always conscious about their budget. And we understand that. Especially if you have a big family you would like to invite, then the cost can be very high.

Here are some great tips on how to plan your 1st birthday party on a budget:
  1. Limit the number of guests you are inviting – it can be very tempting to invite all your relatives and friends, however if you are working on a small budget, you might need to limit the guest list.
  2. Organise your party in your backyard or if your friends or relatives have a big backyard, ask them if they can let you have their backyard for the party. This is the way how you would avoid the hire costs that are usually related to the hire of the community halls, restaurants, church halls…
  3. It is time to invite your guests. Why not email the invitations to your party guests inviting them to the special day? When booking with Bounce and Party, we can send you E invitations so you can email them to your guests. Or, get some paper from any dollar shop and splash your creativity. I am sure your guests will be amazed from your masterpiece.
  4. Make a barbeque. There is no better 1st birthday party idea than having everyone at the barbeque, chatting, dancing and having fun. The atmosphere will be relaxed, fun and everyone can have awesome time. If you have younger children at the party, you can prepare a fairy bread, some fruit skewers, pop corn and let the party begin.
  5. The birthday cake can take a big slice of your 1st birthday party budget. So why not make the cake yourself or ask for some help from your relatives or friends. We are sure they will be always there to help you. A great 1st birthday party idea for a cake is the cake made of cupcakes. So just bake some cupcakes, put the `number 1` candle on of them and voila , you are ready to sing the Happy Birthday song.
  6. Your baby first birthday party will be more special with children entertainment. You can hire children entertainers from Bounce and Party. We have created special packages for first birthday party,please check them out here ; our kids entertainment includes entertainment with a children entertainer but also we hire jumping castles, ball pits and we can decorate your venue as well. For more details on some of our services, please click here 1st Birthday Party Packages.If you would like to organise the kids entertainment by yourself, you or some of your guests can dress up as a clown or princess and can entertain the children. This is a big day so dancing is a must! You can play some nursery rhymes and kids would love to show you their moves.
  7. Decorations can be quite costly so why not decorate the place with the help of your friends. It is a special day and the party decorations must be special too. You can buy some helium balloons from any party shop and don`t forget to buy some number balloons  (like the number  1 as it is a first birthday party).If this idea does not sound fun for you, then Bounce and Party can help you. We provide balloon decorations and we can also help you with other type of decorations. If you are organising a theme party, we can make the balloons and other party decorations match your party theme. For more info on our decoration services please click here Balloons and Party hire.
  8. Capturing the moments of your first birthday party is very important. We hear parents often say that they feel sorry because they were so busy at the party and did not have enough time to capture the beautiful memories. You can assign some of your friends or relatives to have the role of a photographer; however if you like everyone to enjoy their party, you can hire a party photographer from Bounce and Party. Our prices are very competitive and we have a variety of packages for every budget.For more info on our photography services, please click here Party Photographer.
  9. Create something special for your guests (children or adults) at your child`s 1st birthday party. If you have a talented relative or friend who can sing or dance, you can invite them to sing few songs or prepare a dance choreography for your guests. We have organised so many 1st birthday parties, where guests are involved in the entertainment and those were the best parties. Guests will have fun and you will have a party that will be the talk of the town. If your guests are not that talented, then you can hire professionals to entertain the party guests.  The children entertainment and/or the adult entertainment is what makes a party special.
  10. Children always expect party bags after the party. Visit any Dollar Shop and get some nice toys, books ,lollies or other party favors to fill in the party bags with.Please make sure none of these items is a choking hazard for the children as the safety should be always on your mind.
  11. . And finally,to save everyone money and time, tell your guests to dress casual and you as a host follow the same rule. Do not overspend on your child`s clothing as well. Yes it is his/her party and it is his/her special 1st birthday party,but we have a budget to stick to.


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