10 questions to ask before hiring kids party entertainers



10 questions to ask before hiring kids party entertainers

Your kids party is coming and you can see the excitement in the eyes of your child.You have told him/her that you would like to book kids party entertainers for the party,but the question is who are the best kids party entertainers in Sydney who will create perfect entertainment for your child? These are the 10 questions to ask before booking kids party entertainers :

1.How long have you been doing kids parties?

This is a great question to ask as you expect birthday party entertainers who are experienced and who will create a party filled with fun and laughter for your child and his/her friends.

2.Do you clean your costumes and wigs after every party?

Maintaining the cleanliness of the costumes and wigs is very important when booking a kids party entertainer. Especially when working in summer, the birthday party entertainers can work at temperatures high as 40C so we always need to make sure the costumes have been washed after every children party.

3.What activities will your kids party entertainer do with the kids?

Every kids party package we create has a number of activities and party games included and we always suggest parents to check our packages and ask us any question about the kids party activities. Our basic kids party package includes balloon twisting, face painting, party games and singing Happy Birthday with cake cutting but nothing is set in a stone. We can always create a custom made kids party package to suit your budget and needs.

4.Are the products that your kids party entertainers use for face painting safe for kids?

Your child`s health is very important and the last thing you would like to see during or after the party is a child with a skin infection.

We always advice host parents to let the guests know that children with sensitive skin or allergies not to have their face painted. For these children, we can can paint something on their hands. We use the best face paint brand called TAG which is suitable for kids skin.

5.What sort of sanitation procedures do you have?

When face painting with sponges, it is very important to use one sponge per child. We see often kids party entertainers who use the same sponge for 2+ children and that is an easy way to spread the germs from one child to another. We take pride in our occupational health and safety procedures as we are working with children whose skin is very sensitive and we can assure you that are following all the procedures required for our products to be clean and sanitised.

6.Can you entertain children with special needs (autism,disability…)?

We have done many parties for children with special needs and we can definitely help you with your kids party. We always suggest adult supervision but other than that, we have created many parties and the kids happiness was immense.

7.How far do your kids party entertainers travel?

We travel anywhere in Sydney. There is a small travel fee we charge which covers the petrol and the tolls or if you are hiring a jumping castle or a ball pit we charge the delivery, set up and pick up fee.

8.How many kids can your kids party entertainer entertain?

The maximum kids number we recommend for 1 kids party entertainer for a 2 hour kids party package is 25. We also have 1.5 hour package which excludes facepainting and we can accommodate up to 30 children as part of that package.

9.How much space does the kids party entertainer need for the party activities?

We have a variety of activities we do at the parties and the party games we play can be played indoor and outdoor and can be adjusted as per the available space. As safety is our priority, we can never run or jump in a space where the floor is slippery or inadequate for certain games. So we reserve the right to exclude any activities which can cause falls or any other injuries for the kids.

10.Will your kids party entertainers supervise the children present at the kids party?

Our childrens party entertainers are there to entertain the children and the supervision is parents`or other adults`responsibility.We can assure you that kids will have so much fun with our party entertainers.



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