Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Booking wedding photography for your special day is one of the most important part of your wedding planning process. Choosing a professional photographer who is experienced, reliable and creative is what you need as these photographs will have special meaning to you in the years to come. However, before you book your wedding photographer, here are 10 mistakes you need … Continue reading

Affordable Wedding Photography

Which type of wedding photography is suitable for a wedding? Even though there are not any definitions of the wedding photography styles, different wedding photographers have a different approach when it comes to the wedding photography. Here are, in a nutshell, the wedding photography styles that photographers depict in their photos and it is great to get an understanding of … Continue reading

Wedding Photography Sydney

10 Best Locations for stunning wedding photography in Sydney When working as wedding photographers and wedding planners, we always get asked what is the best location for a wedding photography in Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful city with many wedding locations which can take your breath away. Here we have listed 10 of the most popular wedding photography locations in … Continue reading