5 questions to ask before organising ball pit hire








Ball Pit Hire Sydney

Ball Pit Hire Sydney

5 Questions to ask before organising Ball Pit Hire

Your child`s first birthday party or toddler party is approaching and you have started preparing the venue, the food and the guest list but not sure what to do for your kids party entertainment. Our ball pit hire can be a great and quick solution for your childrens birthday party. Imagine an ocean of colourful balls where kids are swimming,laughing and having fun…. That is actually a ball pit or as some people name it soft play or playpen hire. When parents call, they always ask great questions about the ball pit hire ; here are some of them which might help you to decide whether hiring a ball pit is a great idea for your kids party :

1.How much space do I need for your ball pit?

This is a very common question,especially if you are organising your kids party in a limited space.The approximate dimensions for our ball pits are : small ball pit is 2m x 2m , the medium ball pit is 3m x 3m and the large ball pit is 4m x 4m. If you have a lot of kids and you would like to hire a large ball pit but you don`t have the exact area for it,,we can definitely set up the ball pit to suit your area.As the ball pits include many pieces,it Is very easy to set the pieces up so we can match the space of the house,community hall,restaurant…

2.Is the set up and pick up time included in the ball pit hire time?

We usually come 30 minutes before the kids party to set up the ball pit.Then we will need another approximately 30 minutes to dismantle the ball pit.The set up and pick up time are not included in your hire time.SO if you have hired a ball pit for 4 hours,the additional 1 hour for the set up and pick up are not included in the ball pit hire time.

3.What age group is the ball pit good for?

Our ball pits are great for children age 9 months to 7 years old.As the ball pits include a slide,basketball hoop,rocking horses and coupe cars,they can be so much fun for all the children at the party.And let`s not forget the million colourful balls which are great for the youngest kids at your 1st birthday party or toddler party.

4.Do I need to supervise children all the time?

Definitely ! Adult supervision is a must when you hire ball pit for your childrens birthday party.

5.Do you charge delivery and set up fee?

We travel anywhere in Sydney and the delivery fees are not included in our ball pit hire prices.We need to pay for petrol and tolls and that is why the travel fee are additional to the ball pit hire price.The delivery fees are very minimal to cover our travel expenses.

Our ball pit hire can be so much fun for your 1st birthday or toddler party.Our ball pit hire packages have at least 5000 balls included and many toys for kids to play.

If you are looking for children entertainment which will be the talk of the town,book your ball pit today and let the kids have a ball at your kids party.For more information on our ball pit hire,follow the link : Ball Pit Hire Sydney


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